Why play is so important for the development of children

 Why play is so important for the development of children

Childhood has its own special things, its exquisite glamor, its gentle lightness, and it's wonderful childhood memory games over time. But, what is the definition of play in children? 


It is the motor activity that acts on the mental development of the child. Play and activity based on motion, symbolic representation, imaginative representation, visual perception, and drawing are a fundamental and important method for improving children's minds and intelligence. Psychological,  play is characterized as an event conducted individually or collectively by humans for the purpose of enjoyment without any reason.

The child appears to be inspired by various types of toys, as agreed:

 - internal motivation to play, children play as a result of internal motivation and not as a result of external pressure.

- fun toys for youngsters, happiness, and joy, where the child enjoys a variety of activities.

- Free play, open play and the editor of any rules or restrictions put on the child

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The importance of play and its benefits for children 

The importance of children's play lies in a set of important benefits in the formation of the child's integrated personality, as follows: 


-Playing gives the child the opportunity to absorb his or her world, to discover and develop himself or herself, to discover others and to develop personal relationships with those around him. 


-Play is an effective tool for developing the personality and behavior of the child.


-The purpose of play is to give children different skills in science, mathematics, language and the arts. - The child can use the tools that surround him through play. 


-Enable the child to solve problems, instead of avoiding them and using the parents.


 -Motor games work to strengthen children's bodies, exercise muscles and teach children a lot of movements, such as running, jogging, and climbing. -Toys support children's mental development through games that provide opportunities for innovation, imagination, creativity and talent development. 


-Play supports certain children with psychological problems, where games are used as therapy. 

-Psychologists point out that children who play with their peers every day are better able to express their needs. 

-Help to improve the child's memory. 

-One of the benefits of playing it lets the child get rid of excess energy and discharge negative charges. 

-Games kids teach them social values such as sharing, teamwork, social networking and embracing defeats in a competitive spirit.

 -Play increases the confidence of the child himself and prevents him from having many psychological problems, such as introversion and fear.

 -Through play, the child starts to define things, to identify them, to learn their concepts on a linguistic basis, to gain a lot of vocabulary and knowledge through play.

 -types of toys allow the child to communicate what is inside. 


"In order to properly educate children, educators must study children, their world and their inclinations, by observing their daily games and practices. 

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