Setting spray for oily skin

Setting spray for oily skin

Welcome to our beauty blog, our post today is about all the spray
settings. We're going to cover everything you need to know about
spray settings, we're going to talk about different spray settings and
which spray suits your oily skin, if you have oily skin and you want
your makeup to look better, or if you're confused between 2
different spray types, then you should read this article.

which setting spray that increases the wear time?

The setting sprays that will increase your makeup's wear time and to prevent shine and oil, you should have a setting spray containing alcohol as one of its main ingredients and the way to tell if it is the main ingredient is to look at the ingredient section in the bottle or in the pack.

Which type of setting spray is better for oily skin?

There are some types of spray setting and some of them are made only to fix the makeup, but also to use it as a 2 in 1 primer, or some of them are many purposes. As oily skin, you should avoid this type of product, even if they contain alcohol, but they also contain a set of ingredients that refresh your skin because they can be used in different ways. and because they contain alcohol they will make you look better, but all these hydraulic ingredients will be on top of your make-up and you will look bright and oily.

Different ways that you can use the spray to your advantage:

he sprays that do not contain alcohol are great for eyeshadow, but the one that contains alcohol is amazing to spray under your base to create a barrier between your skin and the base above that barrier will help stop the oil from coming and disturb the makeup in the first place. another way to use the spray is to spray after applying the primer and foundation after that go ahead and apply the concealer and powder and set it again the more layers of a barrier that you create the longer makeup is going to last. Last but not least, the beauty blender will give you better results for both skin types and spray types, if you spray your setting spray onto a sponge and do either your foundation, concealer or powder. they blend together to create a smooth look.setting spray for oily skin

How to apply the setting spray
For your safety don’t spray the setting spray while your mouth and
your eyes open it hurts so much and if you get the spray on your eyes. the best way to use the spray without heart your eyes is to spray and you need to set there with your eyes shut and fan your face for 10 to 15 seconds because you need to get that alcohol time to evaporate. Also, you cannot use the spray that contains alcohol to wet your brush before in to apply the eyeshadow because as we said before it is going to hurt your eyes

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