Dealing with a stubborn child of school age

Dealing with a stubborn child of school age

little zoe boutiqueDealing with a stubborn child is a major educational challenge for parents. The mother needs a daily effort to convince her child of daily life tasks such as eating, washing or collecting his toys after completing the play. Adhere to sleep and wake-up times and perform daily duties. Most mothers insist that they were more obedient and obedient to the rules and orders, and this may be true on two sides, the first of which is the difference of time, and the second is the difference of the characters, the child is stubborn is a child with increased sensitivity. In this article, we talk about obstinacy in children, how to deal with a stubborn child of school age, and some of the causes of child stubbornness.


How do you deal with a stubborn child of school age?

A stubborn child will become more aware of his or her thoughts when he or she reaches the age of six to seven, which keeps pace with his or her entrance into the primary stage, and the following tips will help you to skip that point:
  • Listen to your child: keep calm and try to listen to him/her when he/she is talking
  • Give him the options: give him the right to choose for the next steps, and let him try to decide by him/herself
  • Stay calm: yelling in front of a child who wants to defy orders will increase his behaviors
  • Talk with your child: your voice, body language, and all your words can have a positive or negative effect on him
Dear mother, although children's stubbornness is one of the most thrilling habits for mothers' nerves, it shows the child's sensitivity intelligence and strength, never try to break his will, but try to understand this characteristic and deal with it

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